Liz Cooks!

I am a "recipe-follower" style cook. I am not very good at deviating from the recipe, except in very minor ways, such as substituting one veggie for another. A lot of my cooking experience now comes from the weekly potluck I attend. I also cook at home sometimes on non-potluck nights. I prefer to cook things from recipes I've never tried before, but occasionally I'll cook from a recipe I've used before. I have a recipe software program, MasterCook Deluxe, that I use to track recipes that I tried and want to keep and recipes that I haven't tried yet.

I don't have any recipes posted here (maybe some day?), but if you're looking for a particular recipe, you can try emailing me and I'll see if I have one when I get the chance. I might eventually start posting my recent potluck recipes here when they come out well.