I had no interested in gardening whatsoever until I got a house with a backyard (and frontyard) in 1994. When I got the house, there was this empty area with perfect soil, so I bought and planted 1 tomato and 1 cucumber plant. They both got very large, having so much space all to themselves. The next summer, I planted lots more stuff and learned a bit about gardening, plants, etc. I was mainly interested in edibles: fruits, veggies, and herbs. Eventually I've planted some flowers and stuff in my front yard, although most of my gardening is still planting edibles; I'd like to do more with flowers this year. I discovered that I'm most definitely not a winter gardener. I tried twice to plant stuff in the winter, but I really don't like being outdoors when its not warm and sunny. So most years I don't plant anything for the winter. Every once in a while, I forget how much I don't like going out into the garden when it's cold and rainy, and I plant something just before winter; it usually doesn't get looked at again until spring though.

I have a few pictures of my garden that I'll be adding to this page as time allows.