Back to Home last updated: Aug. 10, 2004

I just discovered the (sport?) of letterboxing. See for info!

So far, we've found 3 letterboxes, it's so exciting! This will probably get too big for this simple format eventually, but for now, I'll put my letterboxing adventures here.

Aug. 5, 2004 - read about letterboxing on the net and made myself a simple stamp out of funfoam.

Aug. 7, 2004 - went on a short (35 min roundtrip) hike to retrieve the "Queen Mab's Chaminade" letterbox in Santa Cruz, CA. Got to the hiding place, but found someone sitting there reading a book, so left without retrieving it to avoid giving away the hiding spot.

Aug. 8, 2004 2am - found the "Berserker" letterbox in Santa Cruz, CA by flashlight. It's hidden at a fairly busy spot, so I thought it would be easier to retrieve when no one was likely to be around.

Aug. 8, 2004 11am - went back to "Queen Mab's Chaminade" and no one was there, so I was able to get to it!.

Aug. 10, 2004 - found the "Red Squirrel" letterbox in Santa Cruz, CA.