I've never liked cold whether, to put it mildly. I've also never been much of a physical-activity type. But in 1992 (I think), I learned to ski during Christmas vacation. My boyfriend, Craig, had been once or twice when he was a kid, and thought we should try it. We went to Salt Lake City, Utah, and skied for a week at Solitude. It was very cold there (14 degrees at one point), but I enojoyed skiing! Since then we've been skiing at Lake Tahoe ski areas a bunch of times, probably 4-5 times per season, and we went back to Utah (Park City this time) Christmas '97 (it was even colder there this time - ten degrees one night.) For Christmas, Craig gave me a pair of "mini-skis". I didn't use them in Park City, the snow wasn't right for them. But I've used them on 2 Lake Tahoe trips since then. I really like them. I feel like I can ski slopes on them that I can't ski on big-skis. They make it much easier to turn since they're so short. The drawbacks are they are less stable at speed and take longer to stop, and they are more prone to "face-plants".

I really like skiing in Utah, besides it being so cold there; the snow there is really nice, even on "bad" snow days. At Lake Tahoe, my favorite north-shore resort is Alpine, and my favorite south-shore is Heavenly.

I don't have any pictures of me skiing, since I've never wanted to lug a camera around with me, but maybe I'll put a picture of my mini-skis here someday.